15th International Neurotrauma Symposium

Improving lives after neurotrauma through research
17–20 July 2022 • Berlin, Germany • on-site

Congress Details

Useful country information

Please check https://weather.com/ for up-to-date weather forecasts in the city that you are traveling to.

As in most countries of the European Union, the official currency is the Euro (€).

Please note that there are no general bank hours in Germany. Most banks are open in the morning hours and just a few hours in the afternoon or early evening.

Major credit cards are accepted at most cash points (ATM machines), stores, restaurants and hotels. 

English is spoken by the staff of most hotels, restaurants and shops. 

Telephone and internet
Germany’s international pre-dial is +49 (0049).

Public places like airports, universities, libraries, restaurants and cafés may offer “free”-WiFi Hotspots. 

The electrical power supply in Germany is 220v, 50 Hz, AC.

Official plugs in Germany are:

“Schukostecker” (round) Type F/ CEE 7/4
“Eurostecker” (flat) Type C/ CEE 7/16 

Germany’s standard time zone is UTC/GMT +1 hour.